2020 ~

2020.07Letter of intent for HRSG system (HPS)
Frame agreement with Hyundai Global Service

2020.06Achieved material parts / equipment specialized company

2020.02Awarded by the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business

2020.01Selected as an excellent innovation partner from HPS

2010 - 2019

2019.08First order of SOx Scrubber

2019.03Developed Cylindrical/Mix type evaporating type Fresh Water Generator

2018.04First order of LNG Re-gasification Unit

2017.12Certified ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (KR)

2015.12Sewage Treatment Plant is registered “Korean Word-Class Product Award”

2015.03Applied patent for Sewage Treatment Plant ISB series (PCT/KR2015/003422
Sewage Treatment Plant ISS-N series certificated MED certificate [MEPC. 227(64)]

2015.01Sewage Treatment Plant ISB series (M-BIO) certificated MED certificate [MEPC. 227(64)]

2014.12Developed new type Sewage Treatment Plant ISB (M-BIO) series

2010.01Achieved patent for Sewage Treatment Plant (10-0938463)

2001 - 2009

2008.02Developed and manufactured new generation Biological type Sewage Treatment Plant. Certified by Government of Korea in compliance with IMO Rule [MEPC. 159 (55)]

2006.06Developed and manufactured Plate type Fresh Water Generator

2001.09Certified ISO 9001 by Korean Register of Shipping

1980 - 1999

1999.06Developed and manufactured biological type Sewage Treatment Plant in compliance with IMO rule, certified by government of Korea

1991.11Developed and manufactured tubular type Fresh Water Generator

1988.07Established ILSEUNG Co., Ltd
Developed and manufactured filter type Oil Purifier